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A Dream Becomes Reality - The Story of Us

August 15, 2014 - Sunset Beach, CA
Surf City Corvettes opens for business in a small community of Huntington Beach (Surf City USA), known as Sunset Beach. Specializing in Corvette sales, parts & accessories, the business is owned by John Parker, a southern California native from another well known surf town, Venice Beach, California.

Parker’s love for Corvettes began as a young boy when he first saw a brand new 1966 coupe. He recalls, "I remember it like it was yesterday. It was Mosport Green with the factory side-pipes and knock-off wheels. I was only 6 years old at the time, but the memory is still very vivid for me.” Parker says he's loved Corvettes ever since and thirty-six years later he purchased his first, a 1982 Collector Edition.

Since then he's owned several others. He's also been a long-time member of a couple of Corvette clubs and organized car show fundraisers for The American Cancer Society.

His dream to own a Corvette dealership began in 1992, long before he even owned his first Corvette. Yet his inspiration came when he stopped into a Corvette dealership to browse around their showroom. He says, “It was like being in a candy store... and I thought, I gotta do this one day!” Fast forward twenty-two years later and Surf City Corvettes opens its doors.  Parker tells us that he never gave up on his dream, and had the foresight to create the company business name and logo well over 10 years prior to the company's existence and eventual grand opening. All we can say is, Parker is proof that when you have faith in your dreams, you can expect them to come true..

You can find them on the web at surfcitycorvettes.com