Where did the term T-top come from?

There's a lot of controversy over where the term T-top came from. Some say the T-top does not refer to the shape of the roof, but rather it is short for Targa. Yet a Targa top is described as a one-piece removable roof panel, (The removable panel roof was first used in a 1948 prototype by The American Sportscar Company or “Tasco” and patented by Gordon Buehrig on June 5, 1951). 

We first see the T-top on the 1968 Corvette, and some information claims the original design was a pure 1-piece Targa but body flex discovered late in the design demanded the center bar to be installed. 

According to Wikipedia, a T-top (UK: T-bar) is an automobile roof with a removable panel on each side of a rigid bar running from the center of one structural bar between pillars to the center of the next structural bar. The panels of a traditional T-top are usually made of auto grade safety glass.

The correct answer: You decide