Is it a 1958 Corvette, or...?


You might have guessed this was somewhat a trick question! The original image is actually a 1962 Corvette with a 1960, or earlier chrome tooth grill in place of the original piece.

From 1953 to 1960 the heavy chrome "teeth" grills were used in the grill area until the design changed in 1961 to a style similar to what's shown above to the right.

Several other clues you may have noticed include the C O R V E T T E lettering across the nose, which was displayed on 1961 & '62 models. Painted headlight trim bezels appeared on the 1961 & 1962's in contrast to the chrome pieces previously found on the '58-'60 models. Also notice the Crossed Flags emblem has a ring around it - 1961 did not have a ring around the flags badge.

The correct answer is: 1962